Kickstarter Feature – 10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures


I follow the wargaming miniature world pretty closely for Geeks of the North, as I’m the one doing the research for our News shows. With all that info already collected, I decided to do a bit more and present here once in a while a kickstarter project that caught my eye.  This week, I offer you: 10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures.

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Showcase – Butchers’ starter


Last year, I discovered the game Guild Ball by Steamforged Games, and since then, it has become the center of my gaming time.  I’m slowly painting the models, pushing them a bit more than I would usually do for play pieces, as the game requires only 6.

Here is my Butcher Guild starter. I chose to use only a little bit of red compared to the official scheme, only painting a single accessory in that colour per model, and blood effect, of course!

Note: The pictures were taken on two different mats, which explains the difference in the background colour between Ox and the following ones.

Ox, captain



Group shot


How to paint a M4 Building by MC Studio


MC-StudioLast March, I had the pleasure of painting the M4 buildings demo kit for the project MC Studio launched on Kickstarter. The laser cut cardboard buildings are well designed, surprisingly sturdy,  and fun to paint. Once the project was over (successfully, I must add), I discussed with the laser man about future project and the first thing that came was doing a tutorial for the painting of the official scheme. Life sadly took its toll on my free time in the following months, but finally, here is that tutorial.

So here are the steps to paint the M4 buildings like the ones in the initial demo kit.

Small note: this guide is only an example, and you can paint those a multitude of other ways, like using spraycans or large brushes, using different colour schemes, or add a lot more weathering. The building are yours.

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Painting workshops


This Autumn, I’ll be hosting two miniature painting workshops at the  SLAB in Montréal.

logo-slab-newThey will last 4 hours each and a miniature adapted to the workshop’ techniques is included in the cost. The last hour of each workshop will be a open painting and question period. You can bring your own minis for that part.

Be warned, the workshops will be given mainly in French. However, I’ll try to accommodate any English speaker that would like to attend.

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Warpwolf Rager – Gorax conversion


This week, I worked on a small conversion project for the birthday anniversary of Paul, my co-host on Geeks of the North, the hobby podcast we have been doing for almost a year now. Paul is a Circle Orboros player for Hordes, and his list has a wolf theme. During our last game, he mentioned that his list was a bit pillow fisted, and I suggested to add a Gorax to help circumvent that. However, that model doesn’t fit his theme, and he is not a fan of its look.

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How-to – Frozen lake base


I’m working right now on a commision piece, Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight by Privateer Press. The client wanted a thematic base representing a frozen lake breaking under the weight of her sleigh. I must confess to you all, it isn’t a genre of basing I had ever worked on previously. The is a huge base though, 120mm, which gives lots of space to create the effect.

By luck, I had seen earlier a similar base (without the broken ice though), which was made using water effect for the ice. I liked the idea, but I remembered that I still had plexiglas left from the window made for the Space Station Yaumato that could be used as ice too, and add the opportunity to have solid ice shards. I wanted to add some volume to the base, so I chose to represent a lake shore instead of only the frozen surface. After some brainstorming, I made a small 40mm test base and I had a plan to start the big one.

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Showcase – Mandragora

I recently made an unboxing of what I got in the latest Endless: Fantasy Tactics  Kickstarter by On The Lamb Games. In that post, I said that I wanted to paint the Mandragora as soon as possible,  because of my love of the model.

Well, it’s now done, and what a cool model it was to paint!  I’m now wondering if I shouldn’t order a couple more of it to try out different colour schemes, with all the fun I had painting it. 🙂

Space Station Yaumato – The building phase


Last year, I had the idea of giving terrain pieces to my friends for their birthdays. The first one coming at that point was Yaum, a big Infinity fan with a really nice painted army, but no display for it. I decided to build him a display board, and took the measure of his display cabinet in secret while at his place for a game. Yaum plays Nomads, a nomadic (duh…) faction living on three giants spaceships, instead of owning land like the other factions. The display would represents a section of one of those ships, with an industrial look to match his existing bases.

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