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This Autumn, I’ll be hosting two miniature painting workshops at the  SLAB in Montréal.

logo-slab-newThey will last 4 hours each and a miniature adapted to the workshop’ techniques is included in the cost. The last hour of each workshop will be a open painting and question period. You can bring your own minis for that part.

Be warned, the workshops will be given mainly in French. However, I’ll try to accommodate any English speaker that would like to attend.

Here are the two workshops descriptions, roughly translated from the SLAB web site.

Workshop 1: Miniature painting – Basic to intermediary techniques 
Available spaces: 15
Regular cost: 30.00 $
Sunday, October 25th, from 1pm to 5pm
You are starting in the painting of miniature hobby and want to get your level past the simple application of colours? Come learn techniques that will get you from a beginner level to that of an intermediary painter. Drybrushing, washing, layering, the importance of contrast, paint consistency: this workshop will give you the right bases to better paint your models. Miniature provided; bring your paints and paintbrushes.

Workshop 2 : Miniature painting – Intermediary to advanced techniques
Available spaces: 15
Regular cost: 35.00 $
You want to add new skills to your painting arsenal? Come learn the secret techniques of miniature painting. Different methods of blending, true metallics, zenital lightning: this workshop will help you give life and movement to your models. Miniature provided; bring your paints and paintbrushes.

The workshops will take space on the second floor of Centre Gabriel et Marcelle Lapalme, 5350 Lafond (near Masson and St-Michel), Montréal.

You can register online at (French only), by phone at 514-872-6612 or in person at 5350 Lafond, 2nd floor. The SLAB website is a bit archaic, but the registration process does work. You need to first click on “Inscription en ligne”, then on “Connexion”, create an account, and finally, you’ll find the workshops in the following section: Programmes –activités récréatives > Jeux de société.

If you have any questions about the content of the workshops, let me know.

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