Throwback Thursday – First minis, ever!

Some time ago, while cleaning old boxes at my parents’ house, I stumbled upon the first box of minis I ever got, while still a young gaming Padawan. They were Ral Partha miniatures for RPGs, random stuff not even related to a campaign or specific project. I attacked the painting with much joy, and no research or knowledge whatsoever, using Testor enamel scale model paints.

I didn’t know about priming, diluting, small coats or any of that stuff back then, and it shows. So here they are, in the most basic glory, some pictures of the first stuff I ever painted. I got the undead first, and the gnomes probably some months later.

Ral Partha Skeletal Legions of the Liche King

Ral Partha Gnomes

I hope you got a nice chuckle out of those. My painting improved quite a lot since then, but it does show that practice makes perfect; I didn’t have any inner talents. 😉

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